Press release : Presentation of the recruitment software ScopTalent

17 avril 2020

In a human resources sector which is just beginning its digitalization process, ScopTalent adapts to the new needs of recruiters by simplifying the recruitment process.

Introduction to the start-up ScopLab

ScopLab is a start-up specialized in the publishing of recruitment software, created in March 2017 by an HR consultant and two development engineers. The concept was born from the following observation: recruitment softwares are no longer adapted to the evolving profession of recruiter.

Thus ScopLab has designed four products aimed at simplifying the work of people in charge of recruitment :

  • ScopTalent recruitment software ;
  • ScopVisio – videoconferencing tool ;
  • ScopTest – tool for creating custom tests ;

Presentation of the recruitment software ScopTalent

These three statistics demonstrate the need for companies to have a recruitment software :

  1. 70% of recruiters claim to have difficulty recruiting certain profiles,
  2. 81% believe that talent management is their top priority, and finally,
  3. 75% of candidates are not attuned to the job market and are potentially open to new opportunities.

Indeed, finding the right candidate is not an easy task. That’s why we, ScopLab, have made it our core business thanks to our ScopTalent software : a simple, intuitive and proactive recruitment and talent acquisition software.

ScopTalent allows all companies that need to make recruitments to gain in efficiency and performance while following the entire recruitment cycle. This ATS (Applicant Tracking System) dematerializes the entirety of recruitment management, facilitating sourcing and reducing the budget dedicated to recruitment and human resources development. The aim is to automate the data entry process as much as possible.


Our solution offers :

  • Completely dematerialize recruitment management,
  • Automate as many data entry processes as possible,
  • Industrialize the management of recruitment and skills within companies and administrations,
  • Improve the quality of management and the fluidity of recruitment,
  • Optimize the budget dedicated to HR recruitment and development,
  • Increase the attractiveness and performance of the employer brand image of companies,
  • Working with a multi-support collaborative tool,
  • Follow the entire life cycle of a recruitment,
  • Improve the qualification of talents through our videoconferencing tool or questionnaires.

Our solution being in SAAS mode, it is therefore compatible with all known web browsers. In this way, by digitizing the recruitment process, ScopTalent manages to facilitate the job of the recruiter and multiplies the attractiveness and performance of the employer brand image of companies.
To date, ScopTalent recruitment software has already convinced several companies.

The starting price is 69€ per month per user without restriction and includes the evolutions of the application, hosting and technical support with HR and IS skills. Our subscription is free of obligation.

For any question or additional information, do not hesitate to contact us !



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ScopLab publishes and offers a recruitment software, a ATS and a recruitment CRM.


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