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ScopLab is transforming talent acquisition strategies by offering innovative digital solutions for professionals in the employment sector, and human resources services through a range of complementary products.

SCOPVISIO – video conferencing tool

Shorten your recruitment process with our video conferencing interview tool! ScopVisio lets you manage your talent faster and without geographical restrictions.


  • No installation, accessible online for the recruiter and candidate

  • Totally secure,
  • View all your candidate’s information during the interview, without leaving the platform,
  • Enter the interview report live,
  • Synchronise information directly in your ScopTalent recruitment software,
  • Overcome mobility difficulties or time constraints, with software that can be used intuitively.
reduce the recruitment process with a videoconferencing tool


Qualify your candidates with an assessment test tool

Qualify your candidates in the most efficient way possible! Our assessment test tool lets you design your own tests in order to make your recruitment more reliable, objectively qualify skills and identify high-potential profiles.

Customise your questionnaires: number of questions, wording, response format (free text field, multiple-choice questions, video response). The recruiter views and evaluates candidates’ results to determine how well their skills match the job.


  • Remotely assess the relevance of the applications received,
  • Benefit from a comparative ranking of candidates,
  • Qualify the best talent for your offers.
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ScopLab publishes and offers a recruitment software, a ATS and a recruitment CRM.


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