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ScopLab transforms talent acquisition strategies by offering innovative digital solutions for employment professionals and human resources departments through a range of complementary products.

SCOPVISIO - online meeting software

Reduce the time required for your recruitment process with our online meeting sotware! ScopVisio allows you to manage your talents faster and without geographical restrictions.


  • No need to install anything, accessible from the internet for both the recruiter and the candidate

  • Totally secure,
  • View all of your candidate’s information during the interview, without leaving the platform,
  • Live entry of the interview report,
  • Synchronize information directly into your ScopTalent recruitment software,
  • Regardless of mobility difficulties or time constraints, the software is intuitive to use.
reduce the recruitment process with a videoconferencing tool


Qualify your candidates with an assessment test tool

Qualify your candidates as efficiently as possible ! Our assessment test production tool allows you to design your own tests in order to make your recruitments more reliable, to objectively qualify skills and to identify high-potential profiles.

Customize your questionnaires: number of questions, wording, response format (free text field, multiple choice, video response). The recruiter visualizes and evaluates the candidate’s results to determine the suitability of his/her skills for the offer.


  • Evaluate remotely the relevance of the applications received,
  • Benefit from a comparative ranking of candidates,
  • Qualify the best talent for your offers.
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ScopLab publishes and offers a recruitment software, a ATS and a recruitment CRM.


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